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"If you have ever doubted your faith, questioned a biblical principle, or wondered if there really is a God, read this book. In Permission to Doubt, Ann Sullivan dares to ask the hard questions while simultaneously revealing her own journey through doubt. I highly recommend it."

—Carol Kent, speaker and author, Unquenchable: Grow a Wildfire Faith That Will Endure Anything
"The subject of doubt is not usually addressed in all its complexities. It needs to be, and Ann Sullivan has done it [in Permission to Doubt]. In the process, she does not minimize its causes or its devastations. There is no way to read this without doing some valuable, Spirit-led, rugged introspection. This book is a valuable resource."

—Christine Wyrtzen, founder and director, Daughters of Promise
"Ann C. Sullivan’s success as a public orator stems from her wit, sincerity, wide range of knowledge, and genuine love of her audience. She now brings these same skills and experience to the writing of Permission to Doubt. This isn’t a textbook; it’s a visit with a woman who teaches, shares, and encourages."

—Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, author, Jesus in the 9 to 5
"In Permission to Doubt, Ann provides compelling answers to many of the most significant questions related to mankind’s purpose and design. Her writing rises to a level warranted by the importance of those questions. It’s a challenging and rewarding read."

—Dr. Gene A. Getz, president, Center for Church Renewal, Plano, Texas
"Ann’s communication skills are second to none. She can weave a story that will capture your heart and finish the story with a poignant truth or principle that is clear to understand. Ann is an encouraging speaker, teacher and author."

—Greg Backes, Author and Radio Host, The Solution Radio Show
"Whether to a large or small group, Ann Sullivan’s style is informative and personable, yet commands the attention of all participants.  She makes everyone feel comfortable and her preparation skills are exemplary. She draws people to her with great attention getting skills and pertinent information.  I highly recommend her for any organization speaking setting." —Janet M. Tauer, Regional Sales Director, One Call Care Management
"People who think can’t help it. They simply need to ask the who, what, why, where, and how questions as they hear theories, ideas, and opinions along their journey of living their ordinary yet reflective and intensely personal lives. Formulas and religious mantras frustrate them like a ‘one size fits all’ garment or tool. It is for such Christian seekers and would-be followers of Christ that Ann Sullivan has shared her quest for a faith that satisfies."

—Jay Kesler, president emeritus, Taylor University
"Ann Sullivan is a gifted communicator.  I heard her speak for the first time several years ago.  Her principle-based strategies can be applied to any industry.  I continue to learn from Ann and highly recommend that you take advantage of her insight."

—Jeff Conrady, Private Wealth Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services
"Ann Sullivan is a dynamic speaker.  Not only have I had the opportunity to hear her speak, but I know her personally.  She lives what she teaches, and every time she speaks, she makes a strong impact."

—Juan Ortiz, Executive Vice President of National Sales, Bluepay, Inc.
“My experience with Ann has shown me that few things in life can or should be relegated to an “ism” or “was-im”; that everything is connected, and the trick is to find those points of interaction and push forward boldly! None better than Ann Sullivan to bring forth a bold brand of destiny and meaning to a world that continues to saw the branch they are sitting upon.”

—Larry Shover, Cofounder and Chief Investment Officer of Solutions Funds Group
“Ann is a uniquely gifted storyteller, speaker, and author with relevant, purpose-driven messages for diverse audiences. I highly recommend Ann for your next speaking engagements.”

—Mike O’Reilly, Chief Operating Officer, Matrix Design Inc. Elgin, Illinois